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How to Properly Adjust Valves on Roller Rocker Arms This video shows our procedure how to properly adjust valves. How To Set Valve Lash Find great deals on eBay for sbc roller rockers set and 1.5 roller rocker set. Shop with confidence. Find great deals on eBay for roller rocker set. Shop with confidence. If set up properly, it should outlast everything in the engine and be the last thing you ever replace. With a set of COMP 1.7:1 roller rockers in hand, we were ready to complete the valvetrain on the 396. heres how to adjust roller rockers on your small block chevy Now it is time to adjust your rockers. You will need to be able to turn the crank (in the clockwise direction) to do these adjustments. Aftermarket roller rocker arms have been around since the ’60s and while the basic design is still here, they have definitely evolved. They have gotten stronger, lighter, and basically better. Roller rockers are a pretty easy way to reduce friction in the valvetrain and, in turn, free up some horsepower. .

Valve lash is the available gap between the rocker arm and the tip of the valve stem when the lifter for that valve is sitting on the base circle of the cam lobe. In other words, when the valve is intended to be fully closed. Set the valve lash on #1 intake rocker at this time. Continue rotating the assembly and stop when #1 intake rocker starts returning from full lift. The lash on #1 exhaust can now be set. .

Another Picture of setting roller rockers

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