Installing Rocker Arms

Picture of installing rocker arms

Let us help you find the right rocker arms for your mopar. Since the invention of the overhead valve internal combustion engine, auto manufacturers have been faced with the added complexity of the rocker arm becoming a necessary part of the valvetrain in the engine. Ace Bayou X Rocker 5127401 Pedestal Video Gaming Chair, Wireless, Black X Rocker 5171101 Drift Wireless 2.1 Sound Gaming Chair, Black/White Checkered Flag X-Rocker 5129201 Pedestal Video Gaming Chair 2.1 Wireless Microfiber Mesh, Blue/Charcoal Buy Speedmaster PCE261.1173 Shaft Mount Rocker Arms: Assemblies – FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Need help replacing the intake manifold gaskets and how to torque the valves and pushrod rocker arms on GM 3.4L or 3.1L v6 engine. For all-out racing applications, this often means replacing the stock rocker arms with roller rockers and installing a stud girdle to reduce stud movement, or converting stud-mounted rockers to a shaft-mounted rocker system. Products: Engine Parts. In addition to our engines and heads we now supply most of the basic engine components needed for an engine rebuild. And where other companies are having trouble supplying basic engine rebuild parts, our inventory is expanding. .

Introduction. Changing cams is part of almost every high performance project, simply because the factory cams generally start limiting you before you make it very far down the path of modifying your motor. This pump-gas, 470-inch big-block Mopar we recently started working on was originally built with factory-style, 1.50:1-ratio rocker arms. The 1.50 rocker arms were working just fine, but we decided a good place to search for more power was by trying a variety of higher-ratio rocker arms. Higher Pontiac Rocker Arm Adjustment. Whether you have decided to stay with the stock type stamped rocker arms or Competition Cams Magnum Rollers Rockers as pictured here, or something far more exotic, you will need to adjust valve lash. Torquing the adjusting nut per the old Chilton’s to 20-25 ft pounds won’t work on any heads that have been milled. 4 Step 11: Install rocker arms. Do not tighten the adjusting nuts down before the proper sequence is performed. On engines with shaft mounted adjustable rocker arms, back off all adjusters completely .

Another Picture of installing rocker arms

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